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There are actually other choices for romance, but you'll need to unlock them by earning the codes to do so from completing the other character's endings in order.As a visual novel simulation, Saccharine is a little rough around the edges, mostly in that its UI feels clunky, and certain aspects of its plot are definitely rushed.The character is also wearing a traveler's outfit and a winter cloak, which can be left up to the artists imagination.

She's been trying to avoid the king's guards and their inspections, which isn't easy when her luggage happens to be one of the most wanted men in the kingdom, and even forcing the young girl running the local inn to secrecy over Branwen's arrival isn't a guarantee of safety.LOL that's okay XDDD the game's really awesome you should try it when you have the time XDD its not as complicated as it looks, starting from Memory days, the characters have limited conversation options and they loop quite frequently too~ as for the items, i really have no idea i primarily use mozilla firefox X3i really should update it, because i'm using version, like....7, 9, or 10 where-as it keeps telling me to update to version.... why'd you have to go out of business before you could finish okamiden~! *sobs in the corner* (the proof is that i was able to play okami eight times in a row straight through before getting bored, and yet i was only able to play okamiden approximately 1.64 times before getting bored) ...again, i dont have a PS2, so i've never been able to play these play other games too, like Dragon Age, and Neverwinter and stuff?by the way, i dont mind the ranting, LOL cuz where i am now, people who play these kinda games are scarce...

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