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Advice age dating difference

With an age difference, you should make sure the connection is there early on and that both people feel it. Make sure you each can understand where the other is in life.Some girls love dating older guys because they feel that guys their own age aren't mature enough.Their age should have been a warning to me that we may have nothing in common. It tells you what you may have in common with someone.The second is to know what you are attracted to, understand what you want in a partner and a relationship, and confirm that these things are in agreement before you choose to spend time with someone.There is a reason that most couples today do not have a significant age difference. I found that with younger women, I felt attracted but bored.Consider that over the last one hundred years, the average age difference between married couples is 3.5 years. With older women it was just the opposite — I was interested but did not feel attracted to them.I tend to think that the combination of those factors (maturity and life experience included) takes precedence over whether or not your significant others gets your clever reference.And while we're at it, can we retire lingo like "cougar" and "cradle-robber" (or grave-robber, as I've been called) — it condescends both parties in question and is on par with sticking a cutesy label on someone who dates outside of their own race or background, in my opinion.

Age does matter in relationships, and anyone that tells you otherwise is either in high school and has a crush on one of their teachers, is a Miley Cyrus fan, or worships Hugh Heffner.

Like any relationship, if it's sincere and you're both committed to making an effort, it can work — just look at Ashton and Demi!

Make Sure the Connection Is Strong A strong connection is what keeps relationships going.

In most states, the age of consent ranges from 16 to 18. Do you really want to date someone who can relate more to your parents than to you?

Think about it: Why would a 30-year-old want to date a teenager? "Get Support Get support from the people who mean the most to you.

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